Lent & Holy Week 2021

Ash Wednesday February 17 12pm service & available online


Friday evenings during Lent at 5:30 pm Stations of the Cross (replaces Compline during Lent)

On Good Friday, Stations of the Cross will take place immediately following the 12pm service (instead of 5:30pm)


Noonday prayer on Wednesdays during Lent


Website and Facebook will feature regular Lenten devotions


Drive-in movies Saturdays 7pm during Lent in the Cathedral parking lot


Palm Sunday Services

Parade of Palms Saturday, March 27 5pm & Sunday, March 28 10am


Maundy Thursday April 1 6pm service


Good Friday April 2 12pm service

Stations of the Cross will take place immediately following the 12pm service (instead of 5:30pm.)

7pm Drive-in movie


Holy Saturday April 3 5pm Easter Vigil service


Easter Sunday April 4 

6:45am Sunrise service Martyrs’ Hall Courtyard

7:30am Easter bagged breakfast distributed--all welcome!

Egg hunt & parade of hats! 9am

10am festive service: Bishop Phoebe will be our preacher


All services live-streamed along with in-person attendance as permitted

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Hunger Ministry -- Volunteers Needed!

Food ministry continues! Thank you for all the ways everyone is continuing to keep this ministry going through food and financial donations.   

We are moving POP TOPS to Saturday and serving sausage biscuit sandwiches on Wednesday. We need sponsors for this breakfast--we will use all volunteers, no paid staff. We are asking if people would volunteer for the first, second or third Wednesday of the month. You may volunteer to buy the food, make the sandwiches and or serve the food.    

If you have questions about how to help, contact Deacon Drew Woodruff: 901.336.1103 or

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An Announcement from Interim Dean Jean Vargo

An Announcement from The Rev. Jean Vargo

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Dear St. Mary’s Community:

Click here to read a letter from The Rev. Jean Vargo our new Interim Dean.

Great News! We are returning to in person worship as well as live streaming the services:

  • On Saturdays there will be a live stream of Rite I, with Eucharist at 5:00 pm. 
  • On Sunday mornings the Rite II service will be live streamed at 10:00 am.  

For the first Sunday in Advent, we will be have in person worship opportunities starting on Sunday November 29th. Sign ups will be limited to 30 people. Click here to sign up to attend in person. Or call Emily in the church office: 901-937-4788 or email Reservations will be taken on a first come first served basis.

Additionally, we will be open by appointment for prayer on weekdays, and private Eucharist will be available by request. You can make a reservation by calling Emily Pratt in the church office: 901-937-4788. 

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Angel Tree 2020

It's Angel Tree time again at St. Mary's!

Imagine a child’s face lighting up at the surprise of Christmas morning! And imagine that you are part of that surprise!  The angel tree is about making Christmas special for the neediest children at the Downtown Elementary School.  Naturally, there will not be a  party this year, but help us give each child a Christmas to remember. This year we want to gift each child with something warm to wear, an age-appropriate book, and an age-appropriate toy. Together let’s bless these 51 gift recipients!

Click here for details!

Angel Tree Quick Facts

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Stewardship Campaign 2021: We Are St. Mary's

As we come to church on Sunday and see you, we know we are all fellow travelers on our Christian journey. You reflect St. Mary’s values. You are the people we want to worship with. You are the reason we keep coming back. And you are the reason we support St. Mary’s with an annual pledge.” – Scott Morrell

The 2021 Stewardship Campaign is underway! Click here for a letter from Senior Warden Scott Morrell.

Stewardship video messages from members of St. Mary's:

Larry Gossett

Pat Geelan 

Click here for your fillable pdf pledge card! The campaign ends November 30, 2020.

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Advent Wreaths

Please complete this form by November 18, 2020 to request wreath delivery to yours or a loved one's home. There is no cost for Advent wreaths, but if you would like to make a donation, you may do so here or send payment to St. Mary's Cathedral with "Advent wreath" on the memo line.


The most significant tradition of the Advent season is the Advent wreath. The wreath and candles are full of symbolism tied to the Christmas season.
The wreath itself, which is made of various evergreens, signifies continuous life. The circle of the wreath, which has no beginning or end, symbolizes the eternity of God, the immortality of the soul, and the everlasting life we find in Christ. Even the individual evergreens that make up the wreath have their own meanings that can be adapted to our faith. The laurel signifies victory over persecution and suffering. The pine, holly, and yew signify immortality, and the cedar signifies strength and healing. The pine cones that decorate the wreath symbolize life and resurrection. The wreath as a whole is meant to remind us of both the immortality of our souls and God’s promise of everlasting life to us through Christ.
The candles also have their own special significance. The four candles represent the four weeks of Advent, and one candle is lit each Sunday. Three of the candles are purple because the color violet is a liturgical color that signifies a time of prayer, penance, and sacrifice.
The first candle, which is purple, symbolizes hope. It is sometimes called the “Prophecy Candle” in remembrance of the prophets, especially Isaiah, who foretold the birth of Christ. It represents the expectation felt in anticipation of the coming Messiah.
The second candle, also purple, represents faith. It is called the “Bethlehem Candle” as a reminder of Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem.
The third candle is pink and symbolizes joy. It is called the “Shepard’s Candle,” and is pink because rose is a liturgical color for joy. The third Sunday of Advent is Gaudete Sunday and is meant to remind us of the joy that the world experienced at the birth of Jesus, as well as the joy that the faithful have reached the midpoint of Advent.
On the fourth week of Advent, we light the final purple candle to mark the final week of prayer and penance as we wait for the birth of our Savior. This final candle, the “Angel’s Candle,” symbolizes peace. It reminds us of the message of the angels: “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men.”

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Update from the Wardens and Interim Dean

Dear St. Mary’s Community, 

We write to inform you of an administrative change that has occurred as a result of a diocesan review by the Bishop and Standing Committee, as required under Diocesan Canon 19.2(d.) The purpose of this required review was to assess the administrative and financial health of each congregation within the diocese. Upon completion of this assessment, all congregations were formally classified as either parishes or mission. It is our understanding that at least half of all congregations within the diocese, including St. Mary’s Cathedral, were classified as missions, while the rest were classified as parishes.   

The status of a church as a parish or mission is determined by its recent history as a sustainable faith community.  The factors that go into such a decision include whether it has made its full contributions to the Diocese, whether it provides an adequate living for its full time Clergy, and whether it is able to pay its current operating expenses from its own resources, without assistance from Diocesan funds. St. Mary’s has not over the past few years made its full share of contributions to the diocese, and its operating expenses have had to be covered in part by taking funds from its endowment, which is not a sustainable course for more than a few more years.   

Among the items on which the vestry will work with the new Intentional Interim Dean will be plotting a course toward sustainability.  One of the goals of this endeavor, other than looking toward long-term sustainability will be the reclassification of the church as a parish.   

Please know that this administrative reclassification does not affect St. Mary’s status as the Cathedral, nor does it impact you as a member. Worship, ministries and activities will not change. The Vestry (or Mission Council) will have the same responsibilities and fiduciary duties. It does mean, however, that the Cathedral would have to seek approval from the Diocesan Finance Committee as well as Bishop and Council, in order to spend non-budgeted funds that would exceed 2.5% of the aggregate annual budget. This is the same procedure that the diocese itself also must adhere to for similar expenditures. 

At the diocesan level, the reclassification does not affect anyone’s eligibility to serve on Diocesan committees. Further, it neither affects the number of delegates that we can send to the Diocesan Convention, nor the assessment of our contribution to the Diocesan budget  

Finally, you should also be aware that the required diocesan review which brought about this administration reclassification happens every three years. Therefore, the reclassification is not meant to be permanent status or punitive one but an opportunity to work with the diocese toward a sustainable future. Again, the vestry is committed to working toward a sustainable future and with your continued faithfulnesssupport and prayers, coupled with the power of the Holy Spirit, we believe that a sustainable future is indeed possible.    

As always, if you have any questions, please ask a vestry or clergy member  

In Christ,

 Scott Morrell, Sr. Warden

Julie Byrd Ashworth, Jr. Warden

Patrick J. Williams, Interim Dean

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Remembering the Martyrs of Memphis 2020

The 1878 Yellow fever epidemic decimated Memphis. This year we pay special homage to those care-givers and victims in our pandemic-stricken world.

This week we honor Sister Constance and her companions with daily offerings by special guests who reflect on the question: 

What message or legacy did the sisters leave that resonates with you today?

Monday, September 7th:

Dr. Susan Nelson, member of the Cathedral. Click here to view on YouTube. Click here to view on Facebook (no account needed.)

Tuesday, September, 8th:

Reagan Leavitt, member of the Cathedral. Click here to view on YouTube. Click here to view on Facebook (no account needed.)

Wednesday, September 9th:

Sister Hannah, of the Community of St. Mary, Sewanee, TN. Sr. Hughetta Snowdon, the one surviving Sister from the Yellow Fever Epidemic, moved to Sewanee, TN, after the epidemic, and in 1888, with the help of other Sisters, started what is now the Southern Province of the Sisters of St. Mary in Sewanee, Tennessee. Click here to view on YouTube. Click here to view on Facebook (no account needed.)

Evie Fowler, a student at St. Mary's Episcopal School, who sings and plays guitar on "Day by Day." The hymn, known as SUMNER, was written by Arthur Henry Biggs with lyrics attributed to Richard of Chichester, 13th century. Sr. Constance and other Martyrs were teachers at St. Mary's school then located at the Cathedral. "Day by Day" has special meaning for St. Mary's students, as singing it together is a part of the daily chapel tradition. Click here to view on YouTube. Click here to view on Facebook (no account needed.)

Thursday, September 10th:

Adam Nelson, with music from Linda Henricksen. Click here to view on YouTube. Click here to view on Facebook (no account needed.)

Friday, September 11th:

Bishop Phoebe Roaf  Click here to view on YouTube.


There will be a special pre-recorded service of Letters and Music on Sunday, September 13th, that will include reflections from Margery Wolcott of Constance Abbey and Sophie Droke, a senior at St. Mary's Episcopal School. There will also be a virtual pilgrimage to Elmwood Cemetery, featuring prayers and the Litany of Remembrance, said by the Sisters of the Community of St. Mary in Sewanee. Both videos will be available by 6 am on Sunday on our Worship page.

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Announcement of Intentional Interim Dean & Return to Worship

An Announcement from the Vestry

Monday, September 28, 2020

Dear St. Mary’s Community:

Your vestry is pleased to inform you of two big announcements!

First, we have selected an Intentional Interim Dean to lead our Cathedral for the next 18-24 months, as we do the work required to strengthen our foundation in preparation for the eventual calling of a permanent Dean.  

Earlier this month, Bishop Phoebe contacted the wardens and advised that she and Canon Sharon Alexander had spoken with several possible candidates for intentional interim dean. They identified Jean Vargo as a qualified candidate who is trained in interim ministry and is available to begin in November. We were given her information and invited to speak with her. Other candidates would not become available until sometime around Easter of 2021. 

We convened a subcommittee of the vestry to review her qualifications and to interview her. We were very impressed with her background and experience. We then had her on a Zoom call with the entire vestry, which then voted in favor of extending an offer.  

Jean Vargo is finishing up an assignment in the Knoxville area. She is a Lutheran pastor who was ordained in 1981, served as a US military chaplain in Desert Storm (retired as an Air Force Colonel), and has had seven appointments as an intentional interim. You may know that since 1999, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and the Episcopal Church have been in full communion with each other, and priests in one denomination have been able to serve in the other’s churches (see below).

Jean has experience with the Episcopal church. When she was in the Air Force, she conducted services in the Episcopal-Lutheran tradition. She realizes that the liturgies are almost identical and understands that in our Cathedral, the Book of Common Prayer and the Episcopal liturgy will be used exclusively. Beyond the denominational difference, however, which we know has been successfully navigated by numerous Lutheran and Episcopal clergy over the years, what was paramount to us was Jean’s extensive experience in ordained ministry and her demonstrated leadership, both in the military and as an intentional interim clergy.  Those skills are related to people, communication, conflict resolution, organization and finance. Each of Rev Vargo’s references spoke very favorably of her in each of these areas. The vestry believes that we have found a skilled leader who will help prepare us for our next Dean. Click here for a welcome video from Rev. Vargo.

As you know, Patrick Williams’ last day with us will be September 30. We cannot thank him enough for his generous and caring service to St. Mary’s for three years. Also, we sincerely thank Rev. Eyleen Farmer, whose last Sunday with us will be Sunday, October 4. For the remainder of October, we will be well covered with services being led by our own Deacon Drew Woodruff, who will also preach, in addition to parishioner Adam Nelson.  

Secondly, we also want you to know that we have scheduled a return to worship at the Cathedral on Sunday, November 22. Our Committee of Return has carefully considered safety procedures we will follow, and our plan was approved by the Bishop. Watch for more information.

Finally, we are humbled and gratified by your financial support for the Cathedral, especially during these difficult times. We are including current financial information in our Sunday bulletins, and our year to date contributions now exceed our pre-COVID budget projections. We pray that you will maintain your support, as our stewardship campaign for 2021 begins soon.

We are excited to begin this new chapter in the long and faithful history of St. Mary’s. Your vestry stands with you and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Scott Morrell, Sr. Warden

Julie Byrd Ashworth, Jr. Warden

P.S. Regarding the agreement between the Lutheran Church and the Episcopal church, see, particularly paragraph 22. 

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