St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral Seeks New Dean

At St. Mary’s, we are a house of prayer for all people. We see ourselves as a diverse parish, a people who strive to affirm the dignity, sanctity, and equality of every human being; as we kneel side-by-side and break bread together in this sacred Cathedral. We stand ready to support our new Dean in efforts to engage and deepen the relationship with all the people of St. Mary’s—encouraging each of us to find commonalities as a congregation, while appreciating the differences in our individual spiritual journeys.

Our history now spans more than 160 years, and the traditions and legacy forged through those 16-plus decades—good and bad—inform the future for St. Mary’s. We are ever mindful of the historic role St. Mary’s has played in significant Memphis events, including the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1878 and, 90 years later, the Memphis sanitation workers’ strike and tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We are proud of our history, our heritage and our social justice leadership as we look forward to the future with pride and prayerful hope.

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For more information or to enter the search by submitting your resume and personal OTM profile, please contact Canon Sharon Alexander at

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A Statement from the Bishops of the Episcopal Church in Tennessee Regarding the COVID 19 virus, Coronavirus

Good people of St Mary’s, please read the letter from Bishop Phoebe in regards to the COVID 19 virus, Coronavirus.  St Mary’s wants you to stay informed and healthy. Join us Sunday as we will be sharing some of the precautions St Marys is taking to continue worshipping together while seeking effective practices to remain healthy.


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Parish Survey Results from the Dean Search Committee

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Parish Survey last month. We had a great response, and the candor and insights are most helpful as we move forward. Here’s a brief summary of the findings; for more detailed results, click here.

  • We successfully delivered 502 surveys; of those 160 were returned for a return rate of 32 percent. 

  • Overall, 87 percent of parishioners rated their general sentiment about St. Mary’s as either Very or Somewhat Favorable. 95 percent said St. Mary’s fulfills its mission statement Very Well or Somewhat Well. More than 80 percent of respondents said the overall atmosphere is either Very Joyous or Somewhat Joyous.

  • The three most cited strengths of St. Mary’s were the music ministry, the building/physical edifice, and the diversity of the congregation and its community outreach. However, even though the building and the community outreach are seen as strengths, both drew unfavorable responses as well. “Building Maintenance” and “Achieving a Better Balance Between Congregation and Community” were frequently cited as “areas of potential change.”

  • The state of St. Mary’s finances emerged in this survey as the area of greatest current concern. When asked to list what St. Mary’s should change, financial health was one cited most often. 

  • In the survey question asking for input on qualities needed by a new dean, Management/Administrative/Business Skills/Organized ranked among the top five qualities. Other qualities include New Direction, New Ideas, New Energy as well as Friendly and Compassionate. 

For more information or questions, please contact Dr. Jerry Harber, Dean Search Committee Chair

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Inquirers' Class 2020

Do you have questions about the Episcopal Church? Is it time for you or one of your family members to be confirmed in the Episcopal Church? 

Classes begin January 26th, 2020 and run through every Sunday until March 1st with Bishop Phoebe Roaf's Visit for Confirmation/Reaffirmation/Reception on March 1st, 2020.

The class takes place in the Sisters' Chapel.

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For more information, contact Canon Patrick Williams: or Interim Dean Laura F. Gettys:

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A Time of Transition

During this time of transition, in addition to the clergy, members of the Vestry will serve as ministry heads for each of the six areas of ministry. As questions arise, know that there is a Vestry member ready to assist you with your question. 

Service/Outreach: Tom Edwards 901.409.6820

Worship: Steve Kite-Powell 901.603.2933  

Education: Julie Byrd Ashworth 901.413.5961

Evangelism: Posey Hedges 901.335.5854  

Pastoral Care: Sybil Onwuka 901.277.1240  

Stewardship: Pat Kelly 901.262.4534  

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Transition News

Interim Dean

The goodness of transition continues with exciting news: Laura Gettys has been appointed Interim Dean by Bishop Don Johnson and Bishop-Elect Phoebe Roaf. The Cathedral Vestry approved at their February meeting, and Senior Warden Scott Morrell announced last Sunday, February 24th at the 11 am service. Laura will serve in this capacity until a new Dean is selected.

Dean Search Committee

These people were elected by the Vestry, based on their qualifications and demonstrated support of the Cathedral:

Jean Fisher

Jerry Harber

Ernest Kelly

Aimee McMillin

Kelly Morice

Graham Ross

Gillian Steinhauer

Marcos Villa

Robert Watson

Roger Wolcott

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