Meeting 2018 Stewardship Goals!

Dear Good People of St. Mary's,

Please accept our sincere thanksgiving for your contribution and continued support of St. Mary's Cathedral. Your gift counted in realizing the 2018 goal and more! 

It is humbling to ask for help. It is even more humbling to witness the goodness when people respond. Thanks for over 60 additional gifts and pledges that preserve St. Mary's radiance and growth. In 2018, St. Mary's will be forever giving, teaching and serving Memphis.

I am honored to be the temporary chief steward of St. Mary's. As Dean, I know my job is only for a certain season, and it is to be the custodian that looks over the well being of this sacred ground and campus. The Cathedral is God's -- an extension of the Jesus Movement in Memphis. The Cathedral is also yours, and the Cathedral is for all its neighbors.

We are graced with something different and special at St. Mary's. Under my leadership with you, we have witnessed voluminous numbers of God's children come and enjoy the splendor of St. Mary's and the peace that it provides. It is amazing how St. Mary's has a positive effect on so many. If you spend any time inside the red doors, the world looks a little different when you leave. The world looks a little bit better. You all are so wonderful that my aim is to let as many as possible meet you and experience the feeling of God's presence while on the property.

May we offer to God our prayers and gratitude for the partnership we share. Being one of your priests is my great privilege. Thriving for St. Mary's continued vitality is our mission. It is a joy of a lifetime to serve the Cathedral with you.

Faithfully in Christ,

Andy Andrews