Special Services


The Holy Sacrament of Baptism

Holy Baptism is a sacrament by which God adopts us as God’s children and makes us members of the Church and inheritors of the kingdom of God (Book of Common Prayer, p.858). Baptism is a sign and reminder to us of God's deep, unconditional love. It empowers us; it emboldens us; it is a sign of new life! We baptize people of all ages.


Baptism is a powerful, transformational moment for the entire faith community at which we welcome our newest members, vow to support them, and in so doing reaffirm our own baptismal vows. Thus, baptism belongs in public worship and is incorporated into regular services during the year. The following are some of our upcoming dates for baptism:  

  •    Easter
  •    Pentecost
  •    All Saints' Sunday  
  •    The Baptism of the Lord

For a baptism application, click here.


"The Episcopal Church 101" is a seven-week class offered annually for those who want to know more about the Episcopal Church or who are seeking Confirmation. Led by Andy Andrews and Laura Gettys.


Beginning A Shared Life

St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral offers a beautiful setting for weddings. We are honored when couples choose to begin their shared life through a ceremony here. We hope the following will be helpful in basic information to guide you. A wedding manual with specific details follows at the bottom.

Who may be married at St. Mary’s?

St. Mary's Cathedral is honored to be the venue for the marriage of any adult couple entering into a lifetime commitment. Couples may be members or non-members.

What are the requirements for being married at St. Mary’s?

Both members and non-members may be married at the Cathedral.

The basis for Christian marriage is community and love of Christ and we invite active participation in the worship and ministry of the church. We hope that couples married at St. Mary’s will attend worship services on a regular basis, make a financial commitment to the church with an annual pledge, and become involved in the life and ministry of the parish through attendance at adult education programs and/or participation in at least one of the many active ministries of the parish.

We ask for nine months' notice for couples wishing to be married.  Pre-marital counseling with a priest is required.


Please note that:

  • Weddings are not scheduled during those times on the list outlined in the wedding guidelines
  • There are different procedures and costs for member versus non-member events
  • Premarital counseling is a requirement for those married at St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral
  • If either party is divorced, at least one year must have elapsed between the final divorce decree and the date of remarriage.  Approval for remarriage must be obtained from the Bishop of the Diocese of West Tennessee.

For further information on planning and scheduling your wedding please contact the Parish Administrator at 901.527.3361. 

 Click here for Wedding Guidelines